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The Love Legend Themes: Veer-Zaara Themes '& Instrumental Scores

: Instrumental
Music Director
: Madan Mohan
Year of Release : Aug 2007
  Title Language Preview  
1 The Love Legend Theme (Instrumental) Hindi
2 Veer Rescues Zaara (Instrumental) Hindi
3 Bebe's Theme (Instrumental) Hindi
4 Bebe's Last Rites (Instrumental) Hindi
5 Zaara's Day In Veer's Village (Instrumental) Hindi
6 Zaara-Maati Theme (Instrumental) Hindi
7 Zaara-Bauji Theme (Instrumental) Hindi
8 Bauji's Vision (Instrumental) Hindi
9 Raza's Theme (Instrumental) Hindi
10 Veer-Zaara Part At Station (Instrumental) Hindi
11 Zaara's Father's Theme (Instrumental) Hindi
12 Zaara Reveals Her Love To Her Mother (Instrumental) Hindi
13 Main Yahaan Hoon (Instrumental) Hindi
14 Veer's Story - Saamiya's Theme (Instrumental) Hindi
15 Zaara's Mother's Plea To Veer (Instrumental) Hindi
16 Veer-Zaara Part Again (Instrumental) Hindi
17 Veer-Saamiya Before The Trial (Instrumental) Hindi
18 Yeh Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan (Instrumental) Hindi
19 Saamiya's Plea To Veer (Instrumental) Hindi
20 Saamiya Finds Zaara (Instrumental) Hindi
21 Veer's Court Room Poem Theme (Instrumental) Hindi
22 Veer-Zaara United At Last (Instrumental) Hindi