Body of Evidence

1993   HINDI    A

8.5/10 User's rating/10


An older man,Andrew Marsh,views a homemade pornographic tape. It is later revealed the man died from complications stemming from erotic asphyxiation. The main suspect is the woman who has sex with Marsh in the film,Rebecca Carlson,who after being charged with murder is represented by lawyer Frank Dulaney.Carlson pushes him onto the bed,removes his underwear,and while he is restrained,she humiliates him by pouring hot candle wax on his chest,stomach,and genitals,amused by the frustration and increasingly desperate reactions she is eliciting from Dulaney. The two then have sex with Carlson in complete control,an obvious counterpoint to their relationship in the courtoom,where Dulaney is the one in control.

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