David Billa

2012   TELUGU    UA

User's rating/10


David Billa (Ajith Kumar) is a Sri Lankan refugee who comes to India to seek refuge. At the local refugee camp,he revolts against the authorities who treat the refugees brutally. He gains followers and allies because of this and slowly makes his way up the crime ladder,seizing every opportunity that comes his way. Fate brings him in contact with Abbasi (Sudhanshu Pandey) and thus begins his meteoric rise,as Abbasi gives Billa every opportunity to utilize his courage and intelligence. In between all this,the usual gang of corrupt cops,lawyers and government officials come in and go. Things get murky when East European arms dealer Dimitri comes into the picture. As expected,Abbasi and Billa fallout and from then on,it is a fight between the parties for domination. A brief pseudo Romance track between Billa and Sameera(Bruna Abdullah) comes in flashes while Parvati Omanakuttan is seen as Billa’s niece Jasmine.

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