Dr. Saleem

2015   TELUGU    UA

User's rating/10


Saleem(Vijay Anthony) is an orphan who studies hard to become a doctor. He often does social service and gives free treatment to his patients. This attitude of his does not go well with his boss. During this time,Saleem also gets engaged to a girl named Nisha(Aksha). One fine day,Saleem takes up the case of a patient named Narmada who gets gang raped. He gets involved so much in Narmada’s life that he ignores both his job and fiance. An upset Nisha leaves him for good,and Saleem also looses his job in this process. Twist in the tale arises when he comes to know that Narmada has been kidnapped. What will Saleem do now ? How will he get his job,fiance and Narmada back into his life ? To know answers to these questions,you need to watch the film on the big screen.

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