1997   TELUGU    UA

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Chitra Narayan (Simran),a political journalist with Observer Daily in Delhi,is in love with Kiran Verma (Akshay Anand),a budding actor. She intrudes into the illegal affairs of Paul B. Issac (Devan),a Delhi-based politician. Paul B. Issac commits a murder and gets actor Kiran's face morphed onto his body in the video,whereby he traps him for the crime. Kiran is jailed under the charge of murder. Chitra gets the video tape,and she smells foul and tries to reveal the truth behind the morphing of images. She is followed by the goons of Paul. Chitra reaches Banglore,but the goons reach there after her. She is saved by Sathish Menon (Mammootty),a computer expert. He becomes her savior. After watching the video,Satish realizes the truth behind the crime and decides to expose Paul B. Issac. Meanwhile,Kiran is killed. Satish's software company suffers huge setbacks,after the illegal influence of Paul,causing huge losses. Satish openly begins his battle for justice for Chitra.

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