Mask (2012)

2012   TELUGU    U

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Anand aka Bruce Lee (Jiva) is an unemployed BSc grad who is very good with Kung Fu. He does not want to lead a regular salaried life, much to the chagrin of his parents. While he goes about his normal life, the city of Visakhapatnam is under attack from a notorious gang of masked robbers who ruthlessly kill their victims. This gang is very intelligent, does not leave traces and targets only homes with a good amount of gold or jewellery. To apprehend this gang, a special officer (Nasser) is brought in. Pooja Hegde is seen as the daughter of Nasser and Bruce Lee falls in love with her. He goes out every night in a masked avatar to try and please his lady love. During one such nocturnal adventure, he crosses the path of the gang of robbers and helps the police in catching hold of one member. This act impresses Pooja. But just when things seem to be going good, tragedy strikes and Bruce Lee gets into big trouble.

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