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The story of Veedinthe revolves around the land grabbing mafia and their atrocities. ‘Fire’ Shankar (Vikram) is a small time movie fighter who wants to strike it big as a villain in movies. He comes across Dakshina Murthy ( K. Vishwanadh) under unexpected circumstances. He takes pity on the helpless old man and takes him home. It turns out that this helpless old man is actually a rich businessman who is on the run from his own son (Avinash). A prime property in the heart of the city is point of contention. Dakshina Murthy runs an orphanage there in memory of his wife. That plot is coveted by an evil politician Ranganayaki Akka ( Sana ) and Dakshina Murthy’s son and they are ready to do whatever it takes to grab the land. Shankar steps in and what happens next forms the story.

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