Victoria House

2009   HINDI    A

User's rating/10


A film crew experience horror when a dead crew-member is resurrected.Subhash Singh and Amitabh Lathiwala lead a cast and crew to film their movie in a hotel called 'Victoria House' which is managed by Lisa and a watchman,Ramu. Upon arrival,the cast,which includes lead actor,Anand,and actress,Seema,settle down. The following day,one of the crew,Prem Kale,accidentally passes away,and the rest of the members approach a Guru to try and resurrect him so that they can complete their project. Quite mysteriously and miraculously Prem is brought back to life. They decide to return to the hotel and continue with their filming - not knowing the horror that awaits them when the entire team,including police inspector Vikram Singh,will witness the sudden and painful deaths of the cast/crew by an unnatural and unseen entity.

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