Voice of Anand Shinde

2014 | Marathi | 10 Songs


Kombda Shirlaya

Gubu Gubu Vaajtay (Dhammal Lokgeete)

Baburav Majha Tait...

Gubu Gubu Vaajtay (Dhammal Lokgeete)

Rambha Ga Kashala ...

Rambha Ga Kashala Martes Bomba

Aali Swari Undrawari

Aali Swari Udrawri

Ball Daboon Kelaay...

Ball Daboon Kelaay Chapta

Bappa Undiravala P...

Bappa Undirwala Pahije

Jhumbad JhumbadKom...

Gaavran Kombadi (DJ Mix)

Dudu Dudu Dhavat Ye

Ganesha Dudu Dudu Dhawat Ye

Gubu Gubu Vajtay

Gubu Gubu Vaajtay (Dhammal Lokgeete)
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